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What is amaranth oil?

7 Facts About Amaranth Oil

  • Amaranth oil is a vegetable oil, extracted cold-pressed from the amaranth grain
  • Amaranth oil is clean, yellow-goldish, has a pleasant aroma and tastes delicious
  • Amaranth oil is high in Vitamin E
  • Amaranth oil is the highest plant-based source of squalene
  • Amaranth oil may improve certain health issues
  • Amaranth oil is a great moisturizer
  • Amaranth oil has the potential to save millions of sharks

What is Amaranth Oil Made of?

Amaranth Oil contains also high amounts of Vitamin E. Not only tocopherol but also tocotrienol.

What are the health benefits of amaranth oil?

The benefits of amaranth oil are never ending.
Most health related issues are caused by inflammation. Amaranth oil is highly anti-inflammatory and may help you to overcome certain health related issues.

Visit our share your story page and tell the community how amaranth oil helped you so you can help someone else.

Benefits of Amaranth OiL


Amaranth oil may help to Reduce Blood Pressure [1].

Amaranth oil may be used for Treatment of cardiovascular diseases [1].

Amaranth oil is the highest plant-base source of squalene.

Squalene incredible activity in supplying oxygen to your cells

Decreased the risk of developing and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells [2].

Amaranth oil may be used for Better Skin health. Squalene is an effective moisturizer [2].



How do I use amaranth oil?


Take 2 tablespoons,
2-3 times a day.

Apply directly on your skin.
At least once a day.

Mix with cosmetic and toiletry products. Your creativity has no limits.

Our minimum quality standards are:

Organic; Non GMO; Cold Pressed; 100% pure amaranth oil.
We understand the importance and benefits of amaranth oil and are not willing to ship less than the best possible quality. 

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