Become an Ambassador for 5AM

We are launching a brand new ambassador program, which currently is in beta testing and will be constantly updated as we are building it out.
If you love our products and you are active on social media, youtube, or you are blogging, we would love to have you as our 5AM Ambassador.

This is how we can support you

  • Send you free products for your own use (quantity and frequency will depend on how active you post about us online)

  • Create your own page on our website where you can share all of your important contact information

  • Support you with free products and free shipping for giveaway campaigns

  • Share your posts on our social media platforms

  • Promote youtube videos

  • Please reach out to us if there is anything else we can do for you.

How do you qualify for the Ambassador benefits?

  • You need to have an active social media account, and/or an active blog, and/or an active youtube channel

  • You need to do at least four posts per month that includes the mentioning of our products

  • You need to mention/tag us in social media posts or hyperlink to us on blog posts

  • Use the following hashtags #amaranth #amaranthoil #LoveAmaranth

Ready to join our ambassador program? Fill out this form to start the application

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