Amaranth oil - saving 6 million sharks?

Amaranth may be the savor to 6 million deep-sea sharks every year

Amaranth is a gluten-free grain that is gaining significant popularity, and that’s not only among the gluten-free community. 5AM Provisions, Inc. is making amaranth oil for the first time commercially available as a consumer product and as an ingredient to the health and cosmetic industry. This opens a door to potential environmental benefits most people would never related amaranth with - sharks.

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Deep-sea sharks are currently being hunt. Their livers contain the same mighty nutrient that amaranth has, squalene. Deep-sea sharks live below 3,000 feet under intense pressure, poor oxygen availability, little to no sunlight, simply under extreme living conditions. They are able to survive these conditions because 90% of their internal organs is the liver, which carries great amounts of squalene. Thankfully to squalene, deep-sea sharks are able to survive these harsh conditions. Squalene carries the needed oxygen throughout their body and that is exactly the reason why they are being hunt. Some sources say that sharks don’t have cancer because of the hight amounts of squalene.

Amaranth oil saving sharks

It is estimated that 3,000 sharks are needed to produce 1 ton of squalene. Our yearly consumption for squalene (mostly in cosmetic products but also as a supplement) is between 1,000 - 2,000 tons per year. That’s 6 million sharks every single year! It comes worst, deep-sea sharks become sexually mature only later in life. Before they are able to reproduce they were already caught. Sharks are on top of the food chain in the ocean’s ecosystem, without them the whole system will collapse.

We found a potential savior - amaranth. Of course, an option is to fight for a ban for the usage of shark-derived squalene but this will not keep large corporations away from finding loopholes in the system. The best option is an alternative solution and we believe that solution is amaranth oil. Amaranth oil is the highest plant-based source of squalene with up to 8%. The second highest source is olive oil with up to 0.7% and argan oil with up to 0.4%.

Amaranth oil squalene content

Amaranth oil is a new ingredient on the market. It is a long way until amaranth oil will become the savior of sharks. It requires large productions of amaranth oil. In requires innovation and commercialization. But most importantly, it requires consumers to make conscious buying decisions. Consumers are the ones who decide what will be used and produced.