How to use amaranth?

How to use amaranth

  1. Amaranth can be popped like popcorn

  2. Amaranth can be cooked like rice

  3. Amaranth can be milled like wheat

Organic amaranth grain

Organic amaranth grain

Pop amaranth like popcorn — kids love it

Making popped amaranth is super easy and fast. All you need is amaranth and a hot skillet. Check out this how-to video to learn how to pop amaranth. Popped amaranth is great in salads and yogurts.

Cook amaranth like rice — have it for breakfast

It takes about 20-25 min. to cook amaranth. The most popular amaranth recipes are amaranth porridges. Check out our recipe page for some great breakfast ideas. We recommend to soak amaranth over night in water.

Mill amaranth like wheat — use it in your flour based recipes

If you have a small household mill, you can mill amaranth easily at home, or you can just purchase amaranth flour here. Amaranth flour is gluten-free and can therefore not be used as the sole ingredient in your flour based recipe. We recommend to use 25% amaranth flour in your flour mix. Amaranth flour is excellent for baked product, for pasta, for sauces as a thickener, and for so much more.

Check out our amaranth infographic.