Eating amaranth for a vegan diet

Eating amaranth for a vegan diet

Amaranth protein lysine

It is challenging to be vegan today. Lots of people that are on a vegan diet are also on a dairy-free diet, making it even more challenging to get the necessary protein and minerals for the day. Introduce amaranth into your diet and you will have one less worry.

Amaranth has a complete protein profile, which means it contains all nine essential amino acids and is especially high in lysine, an amino acid that is lacking in most grains. There it is, you are able to cut out the steak, turkey, and chicken, and still get the protein you need.

1 cups of amaranth (193g uncooked) has whopping 14.7mg iron (82% DV), 6.4mg manganese (322% DV), 307mg calcium (31% DV), 479mg magnesium (120% DV), and 5.5mg zinc (37% DV). Get your protein, minerals, and vitamin in the morning.

Take a look at our amaranth infographic.

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