Amaranth Oil – The Best Plant-Based Source of Squalene

What is Squalene?

Squalene is a naturally occurring lipid in our bodies. In fact, our skin is our largest organ and about 10% of our skin surface (skin lipids) is made of squalene! Specifically, the greatest source of Squalene in the human body is found in our sebum.

As we get older, our bodies lose their natural supply. This is one of the reasons that our skin starts drying out as we age, and why we start showing fine lines and wrinkles. At that point, our skin has a depleted supply of Squalene, and it is unable to effectively ward off environmental stressors on its own. That’s where beauty products come into play!

squalene amaranth oil

Using products that contain Squalene helps support our skin from environmental toxins that cause damage to our skin cells. Squalene-rich products also help our skin to seal in moisture, hydrating our skin for hours even after it’s applied. In fact, Squalene is a common ingredient found in deodorants, lotions, lip balms, facial masks, serums, hair products, SPF, and more! Plant-based sources of squalene, specifically amaranth oil, will transform the skin care industry. Read more about it here.

As a beauty ingredient, it is non-irritating, natural, and safe on even the most sensitive skin. It’s an oil, without an oily feel. There is absolutely no grease left behind, as it penetrates the epidermis completely. It’s also important to mention that it is non-comedogenic and will not clog your pores, which is another plus.

What are the benefits of Squalene?

We mentioned that the source of Squalene in our bodies decline as we age – but did you know this can start happening in your early 20’s? That’s right! Before your body even shows outward signs of decline, there is an inward change taking place. A decrease in Squalene supplies is a natural occurrence that takes place, but we can help slow and reverse this process by utilizing Squalene-rich products to help restore our youth and vibrancy.

Squalene has many benefits and practical applications which we’ve listed below:

  • Helps stimulate the immune system, protecting against uncontrolled cell growth and helping it to function at an optimal level.
  • Supports tissue health by helping it to heal more quickly.
  • Arguably the strongest antioxidant. It provides a strong barrier to the skin, fighting off free radicals and protecting the skin from premature aging by preventing cell damage.
  • Maintains skin health by adding to its elasticity and helping to retain moisture. It also helps revive cell generation.
  • Protects our skin against eczema, acne, and psoriasis.
  • Protects our bodies against allergies, asthma, diabetes, and arthritis.
  • Reduces the formation of scar tissue, helping to fade past scarring and making it less noticeable by improving skin texture.
  • Provides natural energy to our bodies by filling our blood cells with oxygen. This increases our blood circulation, which in turn helps to purify our blood and cause improvement in organ function.
  • Has a large source of unsaturated fatty acids that help regulate our skins hydration.
  • Sterilizes and prevents the growth of common bacteria and has many antimicrobial properties.
  • Absorbs quickly and deeply, providing immediate effects topically without a greasy after-feel.
  • Lubricates the skin’ surface for a softer texture and smoother appearance instantly.
  • It is lightweight and completely odorless.
  • Effective against UV damage, lightening freckles, and fading skin pigmentation.
  • Keeps hair shiny, strong, and repairs dead ends.
  • It is a good cholesterol, protecting the inner most layer of our cells and reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in our blood.
  • It is beneficial to eye health, and is great for the cells in your retina.

As you can see, Squalene has a vast array of benefits for not only our outward appearance, but our internal bodily functions as well. It really is a nice, well rounded ingredient that can be useful in hundreds of ways. Now that we know how Squalene can benefit us, we can take a look into how we can use this ingredient at a practical level.

What is Squalene used for? 

Squalene is used in a number of products ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to the cosmetic industry. Because of its many benefits, it has a wide-range of uses in products. 

Different ways of using amaranth oil - the highest plant-based source of squalene.

Different ways of using amaranth oil - the highest plant-based source of squalene.

Squalene is becoming a more and more common ingredient in the beauty industry. It helps fade scars, reduce age spots and pigmentation, plus it also helps hydrate dry skin and hair! Squalene has biocompatibility with our bodies as it is naturally occurring from the day we’re born. You can find it in a variety of luxury beauty products.

Squalene is often used in vaccines as well, as it helps stimulate the immune system to help our bodies have a better response to it. It is often added to lipid emulsions as a drug carrier in the vaccines, which helps it release properly and increases cell absorption of the ingredients.

Chemotherapy of cancer patients provides many negative side effects such as damaging healthy tissue and organ toxicity. Many of the anti-cancer therapies available will produce free radicals which can lead to these types of toxic side effects. Squalene is a proven antioxidant, so it’s possible it can help in this type of a situation in regards to protecting our bodies from these harmful free radicals as it is an anti-carcinogen. Read here how squalene from amaranth oil helped Elvira.

Squalene can be taken as a supplement for a long list of overall health benefits. It can also be used in food recipes and ingested for the same effects. Particularly, it aids in the prevention of many diseases. For example, if a cell is deficient in oxygen levels, the cell will end up deteriorating, and disease can thrive in it. Squalene helps improve the intake of oxygen in a cell, and helps keep it from becoming diseased.

Free Radicals explained

Other uses for squalene include: fat regulator, natural energy source, stimulates digestion, combats inflammation and prevents allergic reactions.

Where does Squalene come from?

Historically, Squalene has primarily been extracted inhumanely from sharks and used in products such as luxury cosmetics. The problem with extracting this oil from sharks is the fact that they have to kill the sharks to do so. Squalene comes from the shark’s liver, so they will remove the liver and return the shark carcass to the ocean, sometimes still alive and left to die a slow death. Not only are innocent sharks killed in the process – but the sharks they’re using are endangered!

Squalene from shark liver oil

Lily Cole, a famous model and animal rights activist from Britain, used her platform to bring awareness to this environmental cause. She helped shed light on this common practice in the beauty industry that hadn’t been exposed before. She felt like she needed to stand up to one of the beauty trades best kept secrets, killing sharks for a key cosmetic ingredient.

Selfridges, the department store, showed its support of Lily Cole and the unrestricted killing of sharks by pulling all beauty products that contain Squalene derived from sharks off their shelves. Unfortunately, these beauty companies can be very deceiving, and many of them use loopholes in labelling regulations to purposely leave out the origin of their Squalene. Many consumers have simply never heard of this ingredient before, so it was left widely overlooked by the general public for quite some time because it hadn’t been brought to their attention until this point.

Because of this popular beauty trend, sharks are now one of the most vulnerable living organisms in the ocean. This serves as one of the many examples of human destruction in our environment, and it cannot be tolerated. It has been found that as many as 6 million deep sea sharks are caught and killed every year for the sole purpose of aesthetics. A shark’s reproduction cycle is lengthy and their growth is relatively low, which means they’re being hunted faster than they can reproduce. In fact, some of these species of sharks that are hunted mercilessly for their Squalene now face extinction!

Squalene kills sharks

Many personal care brands have phased out the use of shark-derived Squalene because the graphic nature of how it’s derived could be a media nightmare for them. L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, and Unilever are among the top world-wide companies that have phased out the controversial ingredient derived from sharks. Many of these manufacturers have substituted an environmentally friendly plant-based Squalene instead. (1)

Amaranth Oil and Squalene

Because companies are steering clear of shark based Squalene, they are looking for other sources of the antioxidant-rich super oil. Doing so will save millions of sharks from dying every year, and hopefully these species can repopulate and it will save them from becoming extinct.

The highest source of natural, vegetable based Squalene is from the Amaranth plant. Amaranth means “everlasting” and its attributes most definitely lend to how it derived its name. In addition to Squalene, Amaranth Oil also contains a large amount of Vitamin E, not only tocopherols but also tocotrienol. Just like Squalene, tocotrienol (a Vitamin E) is also rare in nature and deserves a lot more attention. We will write about tocotrienol soon. Amaranth oil also contains essential fatty acids, oleic acid, and linoleic acid.

A common misconception is that Olive Oil contains a large supply of Squalene as well, but Amaranth Oil contains far greater. In fact, Amaranth Oil has about eight times more Squalene than Olive Oil! (Amaranth Oil contains up to 8% Squalene while Olive Oil only has up to 0.7%.)

Squalene from plants

Choosing a plant based source of Squalene is good for our environment, as it helps preserve marine life.

If you haven’t indulged in the benefits of Amaranth Oil and Squalene in your beauty products, supplements, or cooking yet – we highly recommend you give it a try as we know it will quickly become a staple in your household!

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