An Effective Natural Remedy for Diaper Rash with Amaranth Oil

Did you know Amaranth Oil is a super effective natural remedy for diaper rash?

Not only is Amaranth Oil great for dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and even stretch marks – it’s also an ingredient packed with benefits for diaper rash as well! Because it’s a natural oil, you can feel good about using it on your baby because there is truly nothing harmful that could cause your baby an adverse reaction.

Amaranth Oil is loaded with Squalene, which is the best anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory oil known. Because of this, it’s very soothing to the skin, especially for your baby’s sensitive skin!

Before we can understand how Amaranth Oil helps clear and prevent diaper rashes, we must first understand where they come from.

Why does my baby have a diaper rash?

There are enough occurrences daily that leave you with mommy guilt, and diaper rash doesn’t need to be one of them. Almost every baby born will experience diaper rash at some point during their early years, so you can rest assured it is perfectly normal and not your fault. Some babies may even experience diaper rash more often than others - every baby will be different.

Diaper rash typically shows up as a red, inflamed looking rash, and can be in the diaper region or even on the legs or back. We must remember that a baby’s skin is much more sensitive than most adults, especially in the first couple months of life. It is most often caused by either sensitive skin, urine, a chafing diaper, or a combination of the three.

Other causes of diaper rash include:

  1. Chemicals or Fragrances – Scented diapers, laundry detergent, lotions, etc. Any product that comes in contact with your baby should have the least amount of chemicals and fragrance possible. Their skin is highly sensitive, and it is not used to all of these foreign smells and artificial ingredients.

  2. Food – Your baby could be experiencing side effects of a certain food they aren’t quite ready for. It’s likely not a true food allergy, but it could indicate your baby being sensitive to it.

  3. Soiled Diaper – If a baby is left in a wet diaper too long, their skin can become irritated and red. A lot of times, this is noticed when the baby first starts sleeping through the night and is in the same diaper for extended periods of time.

  4. Chaffing – Your baby’s legs or buttocks might be rubbing together more than you realize, which can lead to chaffing. The skin becomes very irritated because it is constantly being rubbed with either a diaper, or skin.

The good news is, diaper rash is very easy to treat at home and you can get your baby feeling much more comfortable right away. I think our biggest concern as parents is we’re not doing a good enough job, but with the right products, we don’t have to feel guilty any longer. We can keep our babies healthy and happy, and their skin looking fresh and clear!

How does Amaranth Oil benefit my baby’s diaper rash?

Amaranth Oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties. It’s the perfect oil to use on diaper rash because it is a natural ingredient from mother nature that you can trust for your little one.

First and foremost, applying Amaranth Oil will act as a layer of protection against dampness from the diaper. It will help seal in the good moisture that your baby’s skin needs, without letting urine further irritate it. The oil is very soothing and will help the affected area to stop burning and causing your baby discomfort. It will help reduce the redness and inflamed bumps on your baby’s tush, helping the skin to become smoother.

What to do when your baby has a diaper rash:

When you first notice signs of a diaper rash, stay calm and don’t panic. It’s a normal skin reaction for a baby and with a little effort, their skin will be cleared up in no time. Having a good air flow will help your baby a great deal. Try to leave the diaper off for a few hours at a time and let the baby’s skin breathe.

Rinse the area often with water to help keep it clean, but don’t overdo it with the soap. Diaper rash can cause really dry skin on your baby’s bottom, because of all the wiping and cleaning you’re doing to this region to try and prevent the problem. To combat the dry skin, try not to wipe over your baby’s diaper rash, but use a gentle patting motion instead.

On clean skin, apply Amaranth Oil directly to your baby’s bum, thighs, legs, back – basically any area where they’re suffering from this irritation. Gently massage the oil into your baby’s skin, and allow it to air dry so that the skin really absorbs all the product.

You can apply it a couple of times a day if needed. Just be sure to keep the diaper changed throughout the day as often as you can so that your baby avoids sitting in a wet or soiled diaper for very long. The diaper rash should disappear in just a couple days if you are consistent!

You’ll feel much better about treating your baby’s diaper rash with a natural product than something with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Since your baby’s skin is so sensitive, it’s important to make sure that any product you add isn’t going to further irritate their skin, but rather provide some relief.

As parents, we all just want to do the best we can and provide our babies with the best. Researching what product to use for a diaper rash is a great start, and really shows how much you care.

Now go give your sweet little baby a kiss, they’re only small for a short amount of time, and someday you’ll cherish even these less-than-glamorous-moments!

Waldemar Juschin