Busting the Myths: Buying High Quality Amaranth Oil

Everyone wants to know where you can buy high quality Amaranth Oil. In fact, it is one of our most frequently asked questions. With every company saying they have the best amaranth oil available on the market – how do you know which to believe? 

Buying High Quality Amaranth Oil

Unfortunately, most companies are unaware of what best quality means and how to achieve it. These companies will say their extraction process is unique and supreme over any other technology – but that’s not the whole truth. It’s like saying, “We developed a superior apple that contains all nutrients.” In general terms, all apples contain the same nutrients, just like all amaranth oil contains the same nutrients. That isn’t a differentiating factor.

You can develop the best possible quality of amaranth oil, but it will not be superior unless you mix it with something else. If you mix it with something, then it’s not 100% amaranth oil. So, what you need to educate yourself on is how to find the highest quality amaranth oil possible and how to distinguish it.

Is there a difference between the quality of the amaranth oil from different companies?
Absolutely! Here is what you need to pay attention to:

1) Amaranth Oil quality is measured by the acid value and peroxide number - not by marketing claims.

These two characteristics are the only indicators of whether or not Amaranth Oil is good quality or bad quality. The acid value and peroxide number are commonly used indicators for vegetable oils that determine whether or not it’s ideal for human consumption. CO2 extracted Amaranth Oil and hexane extracted Amaranth Oil will result in a high acid value and high peroxide number, which means humans should not orally ingest the oil.

So, what is a safe extraction method you ask? The only other extraction method is cold pressing, and this is the only process found to be safe (we cold-press our Amaranth Oil at 5AM Provisions). It takes a lot of research to be able to cold-press Amaranth Oil correctly. The issue with cold-pressed Amaranth Oil is the amaranth grain is so tiny it’s difficult to cold-press any oil out if. Amaranth Oil usually has no more that 8% oil content, which means it takes a lot of amaranth grain to produce a very small amount of Amaranth Oil. In fact, it takes about 100 lbs. of amaranth grain to produce 1 liter of Amaranth Oil, which is the largest bottle we sell. (These numbers may vary slightly.) 

Does the temperature matter when you cold-press amaranth oil? Absolutely! Some companies measure the temperature when it reaches it’s lowest point (instead of measuring at its highest point) and claim that their Amaranth Oil was pressed under super low temperatures. Low temperatures or not, if the Amaranth Oil has a high acid value and a high peroxide number, then the Amaranth Oil will not be ideal for human consumption, even if it was cold-pressed. When we first started producing Amaranth Oil at 5AM Provisions, we constantly had high numbers. It took us quite some time to perfect the process to produce the high quality Amaranth Oil that we have today and that Elvira was taking herself.

High quality Amaranth Oil has an acid value of below 4 mg KOH/g and a peroxide number of below 10 meq 02/kg. Our Amaranth Oil is always way below these standards.

2) Amaranth Oil should always be stored in a dark glass bottle, at room temperature, and away from direct light.

We chose to use dark bottles to house our Amaranth Oil because for one, they don’t let much light through, and for two they are not super expensive. Could we choose ultraviolet glass bottles that don’t let any UV light through? Yes, absolutely! But we decided not to because ultraviolet glass bottles are very expensive. If we would have chosen them, we would need to increase the price of our Amaranth Oil accordingly. The price of Amaranth Oil is already expensive enough, so we didn’t want to add any unnecessary costs to it and risk some not being able to afford it. What’s the solution? Simply store your bottle of Amaranth Oil inside a kitchen cabinet, pantry, or any other dark place.

3) The shelf-life of Amaranth Oil should be one year.

There is no guideline to what shelf-life a product should have. We say our Amaranth Oil has a shelf-life of one year because every time you open the bottle, you let oxygen in, increasing the speed of oxygenation. This means your oil becomes rancid faster the more you open your bottle and the longer you leave it open.

If you store our Amaranth Oil under perfect conditions (at room temperature, away from light, and don’t open the bottle), Amaranth Oil can stay fresh for a very long time - up to 3 years!

Let’s say you are using a dropper bottle (for example our 30 ml bottle), and you use only a couple drops at a time on your face and the bottle lasts you for a long time. There is no way that your Amaranth Oil will stay fresh for 2+ years, regardless if you are using an ultraviolet bottle or not. This is due to oxygenation and opening your bottle every time you use it. 

Our Recommendation: Use your amaranth oil within one year for maximum freshness. Why wouldn’t you do so anyways instead of letting this precious oil sit around and rot.


If you doubt the quality of amaranth oil you are purchasing (from us or any other company,) simply ask if they have a Certificate of Analysis from the produced batch of your purchase and make sure the acid value and peroxide number are listed. If you get no reply or they don’t have it, we wouldn’t recommend using it because you have no way to verify its quality.

The only claims you can believe, regardless what company is making them, are the health benefits claims. We saw the health benefits on Elvira first hand and then heard countless other stories thanking us for our Amaranth Oil and how greatly it has helped them to overcome many health-related issues. So, believe in the health benefits claim but not necessarily in the marketing claims of superior quality. It truly seems like a miracle product and deserves to be readily available to all people who can benefit from it – and that’s our mission. 

You can read this guide if you want to learn more about Amaranth Oil and the health benefits: Amaranth Oil - Health Benefits, Squalene, and More!

You haven’t tried amaranth oil yet? Don’t wait and give it a try today!

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