Elvira Juschin, a mother of five, grandmother, sister, and wife was not only a family member, but more importantly, she was a person that always gave and never asked for anything in return.

It was early 2006 when Elvira went to the hospital to get her kidney stones removed. The operation went well but the doctors made an unexpected discovery - cancer.

Elvira’s story started long before she was diagnosed with cancer. She was an immigrant from the Soviet Union who moved in 1991 with her family to Germany. Elvira’s whole life was about sacrifice and hard work. She was working every day at her family’s farm when growing up. She was an A student in college and started her career as a kindergarten teacher. After moving to Germany, Elvira became a full-time mother of four and in 1999 of five.

At the day when the cancer was discovered, doctors told her that she only had a few more weeks to live. If she gets lucky, she would have a few more months.

Immediately, a whole range of different emotions set in when the doctors informed her about cancer and she constantly asked herself:

Why me?
The doctors don’t know what they are talking about?!
What have I done in my lifetime that I am now punished for this?

Above all of these emotional questions, she said to herself:

I cannot pass away now. I have a six year old son to raise.

This task, that she gave to herself, raising her six year old son, was the reason not to die in a few months but to continue to live her life. She vowed to herself that she will be there on the day when her six year old son will have confirmation (a protestant religious event).

Elvira was just a regular woman. She did not have a medical background nor had she ever have to consider holistic approaches for healing. Therefore, she did what most other people will do, chemotherapy. Including chemotherapy, she started going to a cancer support group, which she quickly quit. People that went to the cancer support group prepared themselves to die. Elvira had a different mindset and did not want to surround herself with this energy.

About six years have passed by that Elvira was living with cancer. She surpassed all doctor’s expectations and was a welcomed person at the hospital when she had to go for check-ups and chemotherapy. During those six years, she had to see many groups of people come and go (being admitted for chemotherapy and passing away). During those six years, she watched her children grow up. During those six years her body had to constantly fight against the side effects of chemotherapy and medication. And during those six years, nobody but family and very close friends knew that Elvira had cancer.

At the end of 2012, after living over six years with cancer, Elvira’s body was starting to give up. Chemotherapy and medication damaged her body too much. Side effects started to control her life. She had to pump off two to three gallons of water weekly from her abdominal cavity. Her skin would bruise very easily and her immunsystem basically stopped.

This was the time when her family started to look into alternative medicine and started to take a holistic approach to healing. Shortly after her diagnose, Elvira begin to drink Noni Juice and her diet turned more into a conscious healthy oriented direction. But now, her diet had to dramatically change, including removing salt and sugar from her diet.

This was also the time when her family discover amaranth. After doing some research, they discovered that amaranth oil has many health benefits. They discovered that amaranth oil has a unique nutrient, squalene, which has shown to have anti-cancer properties. Elvira’s husband went into the basement and developed cold-pressed amaranth oil. The health benefits that Elvira had from the amaranth oil were more than just amazing.

With a strict diet and dirking amaranth oil every day, as well as using it topically everyday, Elvira’s quality of life has improved significantly. Side effects have basically disappeared and she started to smile and laugh more.

Even though her quality of life has significantly improved, doing over six years of chemotherapy and taking medication have already destroyed her body too much.

It is April 2013, her youngest son’s day of confirmation. Elvira is fully exhausted, but she made it. She was there during the day of her youngest son’s confirmation as she vowed when she was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago. Seven exhausting years with cancer, finally seeing her son’s confirmation, it was her most important day while living with cancer.

Seven months later, on November 3, Elvira Juschin passed away as an angel with the age of 50. She passed away leaving behind hope, strength, and love. Even to the moment of death, she was a selfless person.

She waited until the end of October for her husband’s birthday (October 31st).
She waited on the return of her daughter, son in law, and granddaughter from Ukraine (November 2nd).
And she waited on her son to return from the United States (November 3rd).

Shortly after the arrival of her son from the United States, she was ready to say farewell to everyone and left this world behind as an angel. The windows were open, the wind was softly blowing into the room, and it started to rain.

The day of her son's confirmation.

The day of her son's confirmation.

— The Story of Elvira Juschin (March 30, 1963 - November 03, 2013)

Elvira’s story is one that needs to be told. Elvira’s story is about encouragement to take your life into control. It is about setting goals for yourself and doing everything you have until your last breath. Elvira’s story is about motivating people and families that go through a similar life journey. Elvira’s story is about the benefits nature can give. And, Elvira’s story is about amaranth oil, about how it has improved her quality of life.

We have the ability to produce cold-pressed amaranth oil. It is our obligation to make this available to people that truly need it, simply because we have the technical know-how to produce it and the passion to turn this into a business, the only way to make it available to a large group of people.


Experience that needs to be shared:

  • There is no right or wrong way to deal with cancer. Every person and family member has to do a lot of research and get their own opinion what approach to take.
  • Even though that chemotherapy has survivors, Elvira would not have done chemotherapy if her and her families’ knowledge had a basic understanding about holistic healing.
  • Never have self-pity. Never.
  • Your body and soul are one. A healthy diet for your body and religion or spirituality for your soul.
  • A diet that has helped Elvira: amaranth oil, noni, beet, spirulina and chlorella. No salt, no sugar (including products with sugar), no or very little meat, almost only organic products, no pre made meals, and not using the microwave. Always moving, when possible doing sport.

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“Das Leben geht weiter.” - Elvira Juschin.
“Life goes on.” - Elvira Juschin.

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