5AM Ambassador: Tracey Mcfadden

Tracey Mcfadden

Tracey Mcfadden

Joined: October 2018

From: Michigan
Passion: MUE

IG @xoxtraceyxoxo

How I Love to use amaranth oil

I absolutely love using Amaranth Oil as a hair moisturizer and as well as a face and body oil. It isn’t heavy and is super absorbent. My skin feels so smooth after application and within minutes, it has completely soaked into my skin. Leaving it feeling soft and supple. Having curly hair, my hair can be quite dry and brittle but amaranth oil keeps it soft, bouncy and shiny. I love this stuff!

Favorite #Hashtags

#sfxmakeup #cosplay #mue #motd #truelove #amtachmadeinGotham

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