5AM Ambassador: Tracey Mcfadden

Tracey Mcfadden

Tracey Mcfadden

Joined: October 2018

From: Michigan
Passion: MUE

IG @xoxtraceyxoxo

How I Love to use amaranth oil

I love this spectacular oil on my face, on cuticles of my nails, after mani/pedis, and a few drops in my bath water. At the end of the day, after I use my skincare, I apply this light oil for moisture on my face and down my neck, and I was shocked at how fast it absorbed into my skin. This isn’t like any other oil I have used. I also have acne prone skin. This doesn't clog my pores and leaves my skin glowing and more healthy looking instantly.

Favorite #Hashtags

#sfxmakeup #cosplay #mue #motd #truelove #amtachmadeinGotham

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